ABB smart living technologies transform being at home into a whole new experience. Never before has your home been so comfortable, safe, efficient and beautiful.


Busch-priOn® allows you to control and monitor functions for the entire room. Light scenes, timer, blind and heating control –  all functions are performed intuitively via a rotary cotrol element. The 8.89-cm TFT display shows all information in an easy-to-read manner. Busch-priOn® is not frame-bound and can be of a modular structure. Via the rocker switches freely programmable functions such as light scenes, blind functions or specific lights can be called up. Busch-priOn® can be ideally adapted to all requirements. Four high-quality design versions are available for selection: glass white, glass black, plastic white high gloss and stainless steel with fingerprint-resistant coating.

Radio iNET

Whether local or global stations - with the ABB Radio iNet and WLAN Internet access you can receive your favourite station in every room. The stations can be selected via the Internet service according to personal preference. Also the Busch-iDock with iPod* or iPhone* can serve as as the source. Automatically an acoustic atmosphere. The ABB Radio iNet can even be switched on and off automatically via light switch or movement detector. Or it can be used as alarm clock with the integrated timer

Door Communication

The modern door communication ABB-Welcome from Busch-Jaeger now opens up new possibilities for both sides - comprehensive comfort, greater security and stylistically suitable design. The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors. In the interior area it can be uniformly arranged with light switches and socket outlets


With the ComfortTouch, you can operate or dim the lights, control your blinds, regulate the room temperature or create scenes from a combination of the functions listed – even by remote control. You can increase the security of your house through presence simulation, alarm and information messages. And if you want to know who is at the door or outside the house, then switch the camera to exterior view and you will immediately feel secure. You can also use the brilliant audio player for MP3 files and a video player to play films. You can leave voice and graphic messages for other family members, access e-mails, track up-to-date stock market news, have a look at the weather or the latest traffic reports or simply set a wake-up alarm. And all this with an intuitive touch control, supported by a novel colour coding system. So you will certainly soon find that you do not want to be without the ComfortTouch anymore

USB power adapter insert

Now the suitable SmartPhones, tablets, cameras or MP3 players can be charged everywhere in the house at a fixed location. At the new USB power adapter insert. The search for USB charging stations each with their own power adapters and electric cables is now a thing of the past. And it can charge up to two mobile telephones, digital cameras or similar devices with batteries. Charging is therefore made even more comfortable

Sensor / Detector

A fire can start quickly and unexpectedly. Many heat sources are used in the household - especially in the kitchen. Suddenly the doorbell rings, you start chatting with your the neighbour, the saucepan overheats and a fire starts. Busch-Smoke alarm detector ProfessionalLINE and Busch-Heat alarm detector ProfessionalLINE alert you to the danger with a loud alarm signal and so prevent a disaster.

Master Light

Modern style, safety and elegance. The MasterLight is much more than merely a light at the front door. It is the modern and aesthetic opportunity to show ones true colour. This innovative lamp enhances the individual style of the house and is the perfect supplement for the new Busch-Watchdog. It safely shows visitors the way. And with its innovative LED technology with 15 different colours, it is more variable and efficient than any other lamp