MILA has everything needed to integrate commercial lighting control with HVAC, Building Management Systems (BMS), shading, AV, digital signage, and security, to deliver a highly energy  efficient building…

MILA Commercial  provides  lighting control  and  energy  management  that  is  Integrated   by            Design™.  from hardware to software, and leveraging engineering and  design expertise. 

Solutions for all markets
Our solutions have been shaped by more than four decades of innovation. We’ve evolved across many industries, gaining strength and expertise through their diversity. Our focus on meeting the needs of our clients to help them succeed is evident in our enduring presence in these markets.
— Crestron

Hospitality & Retail

Offer the ultimate in personalized luxury with automated systems.

Restaurants, Hotels, Spa, Casinos, Penthouse Suites

Be an exclusive..

Corporate Enterprise

Simplify and streamline the technology in your boardroom.

Boardroom, Building control, building management system (BMS)

Practical usage..


Simplifies sophisticated technology, placing total control at your fingertips. 

Health Science Center, Hospitals, Research Labs, Medical Center

Smart environment..


Provides Crestron AV distribution systems, multi-window display processors.

Control Room, Network Operations Center, Duplications Facilities

Be fast .. be accurate..

Cultural & Event Center 

To create a desired atmosphere, to educate and to entertain.

Museums, Convention Centers, Theaters, Stadiums and arenas

Be Unique..


We make using technology simple so you can focus on teaching.

Campus, Academic Community, Universities, Classroom, Labs, Conference Room, Auditorium

Focus on teaching..


The art of Securely automating control of technology throughout a facility.

Emergency/Network Operations Center, Courtroom, Command Center

Make it easier..

Luxury Transportation

Doesn't matter whether in road or on the high seas, keep enjoy the same lifestyle.

Yachts, Motor Coaches, Custom Automotive, Jet, RV Solutions

Keep enjoy..

No matter where you are or what you do, there is always a Crestron system that fits your needs
— Crestron