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Future Automation

The Premier Manufacturer of Moving Audio Visual Solutions


Future Automation offers a comprehensive range of custom built products for discerning customers. 

Future Automation has manufactured exceptional television lifts and mounts for the Residential, Marine, Commercial, Hospitality and Outdoor applications since 1998, a customer first business that prides itself on its creativity, passion and excellence. 

In Floor / Outdoor Tv Lift

The TV Floor Lift & Swivel mechanism is a custom designed mechanism that allows a flat screen to be stored in a floor out of sight. With 180 degree swivel in both directions, it is perfect for any room that has multiple possible viewing areas.


Sliding Panel System

The Sliding Panel Mechanism is our reference moving panel mechanism and allows complete concealment of a flat screen TV. The mechanism takes a panel inwards and moves it out of sight behind the surrounding panel work before advancing the screen to sit flush with the wall. A distinctively brilliant design, this one-of-a-kind sliding mechanism offers the ultimate in look, functionality and wow factor. Available in a host of options, the Sliding Panel Mechanism allows you to design a wall or cabinet with complete freedom.

Under Bed

The Under Bed TV Lift is a unique and impressive mechanism that stores a flat screen under a bed, negating the need for cabinetry at the foot of the bed. Compact and sleek in design, the Under Bed TV Lift offers an alternative to traditional flat screen TV lifts and with its pop up design, helps create a different dimension to the interior design of a room. 

Horizontal TV Lift & Hinge

The Horizontal Lift & Hinge mechanism allows a screen to be stored in a wall and moved to a viewing position horizontally and then angled to suit. Ideal for coming out of the side of fireplaces or walls then pivoting to point to a specific area, it offers a concealing solution for when it is not possible to take up or use floor or ceiling space

Telescopic TV Lift

TV Actuator Lift Mechanism. The near silent motor system, combined with the most height efficient design on the market makes for a valuable addition to our range. A push up lid and the limitless width design ensure simple and quick installation and ease of fitting.