Future -fit technology and flexible solutions combined with high quality of design: that's what smart building installations systems by Gira stand for. With more than 1,200 employees and representatives in 40 countries, Gira is among Germany's leading mid-sized electrical companies. Find our professional partner in your country here

GIRA Door Communication System 

Handling technology is made simple in the concept of the Gira door communication system. Installation without cabling during renovation and configuration of the system without the need for all living units to be present - made possible by 2-wire bus technology and the concept of one-man start-up. With the Gira door communication system, buildings with up to 28 residential units can be realised in the area of video functionality as well.

Gira has integrated door communication into the world of switches for this purpose. Gira home stations are available in diverse design variations and can be combined with various colours and a wide range of frame variants

The new Gira surface-mounted home station video has a homogeneous front and features a state-of-the-art 5.6 cm [2.2"] TFT colour display. Thanks to its capacitive sensor technology, it can be conveniently operated by lightly touching the buttons. To ensure greater operational safety, internal calls and switching actions can be provided with individual names. The hands-free speech function reacts sensitively enough that the speaker does not have to stand directly at the microphone in order to be understood


Gira G1

The multi-talent for building technology

Compact, powerful, universal: The new Gira G1 is the intelligent central operating unit for the entire building technology. Whether switching and dimming lights, raising and lowering blinds, or controlling room temperature: All the functions can be conveniently controlled by touching or gesturing on the brilliant multi-touch display


GIRA Esprit

The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The clear frame design is combined with selected surface materials of linoleum-plywood, glass, or various metal variants. More than 300 functions that can be installed into the switch range offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches right up to innovative systems for the automation and central control of the complete electrical installation


GIRA Safety

Sleep peacefully and go on holiday without care: Gira motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc. provide security

Sounds a warning before the situation gets too precarious


 GIRA Sensotec LED

Finding safe orientation in the dark and switching on the room light if needed with a motion yet without contact: The Gira Sensotec LED unites these functions for the first time in one device. The Gira Sensotec LED is a contactless switch with integrated LED orientation light. When motion is detected, it switches the orientation light on

If more light is needed, the user can switch on the lighting without contact with a motion in 5 cm proximity. The light strength can be adjusted in the automatic mode to prevent a glare


GIRA Audio System

Enjoying music in any room – made possible by Gira. Individual solutions can be realised exactly as desired with the Gira RDS radio or integrating the Revox multiroom system in the building technology

Control units for the Revox multiroom syste

Gira Powerline Communication System

Surf the Internet, stream HD videos using a smart TV or distribute data throughout the entire home – easily via the mains supply. With the Gira Powerline Communication System, IP networks in buildings can be easily retrofitted or expanded

This is due to the fact that the conventional 230 V mains supply is used for data transfer rather than a network cable. Various components are available to set up a Powerline network of this type. They allow the signals of the connected network devices to be converted and distributed securely via the mains supply

GIRA Call Systems

Security according to standards: The Gira call systems and emergency sets are used for distress calls in hospitals, care homes, doctors' practices, publicly accessible WC facilities and private residences

The Gira call systems enable distress calls in hospitals, care homes, doctors' practices or public WC facilities and fulfil all safety requirements in accordance with DIN VDE 0834

All functions can be installed in the frames of the Gira switch ranges. In this way Gira ensures a unified, stringent appearance on walls: switches, socket outlets and call systems gain a homogeneous design


Simple, modular, bi-directional, stable connections: With Gira eNet, the existing electrical installation can be conveniently expanded with new functions. The devices can be remote controlled from home or while away either individually or in groups

However, mobile operating devices can also be used. All radio products can be installed or uninstalled with ease. Because these components can also be updated, the system is absolutely future-fit

Surface-mounted installation


More functions, more options, more flexibility - simply on the wall. Gira Profile 55 enables the easy expansion of an existing installation without having to prise open the wall. 

It can be individually equipped not only with additional socket outlets, but also with more than 230 functions, e.g. with the Gira flush-mounted radio or the Gira door communication system.