The Loewe group develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of electronic, electrical and mechanical products and systems, and specialises in the field of consumer and communication technology.


The company was founded in Berlin in 1923 by brothers Siegmund and David L. Loewe. The company has its headquarters and sole production facilities in Kronach, Franconia. Today, the range has expanded to include televisions, Blu-ray players, DVD recorders, hard disk recorders, multiroom systems, speakers and racks




When it comes to design, for once Loewe does not offer more than other television manufacturers. It offers less - in the form of minimalist designs and geometric shapes

Individual Slim Frame

Breathtaking Technology

Integrating a television into your home doesn’t get more precise than with the Loewe
choose the housing colour (mouldings on the upper and lower edges, rear panel, Loewe). Or design the side insets and the supports of the cross stand in high-quality materials and in over 200 colour tones. You can also effortlessly customise your sound components. Discover the diversity of the Loewe now by using the configurator!


Loewe Reference

The new Loewe Reference sets exceptionally high standards. An achievement made possible by a perfectly synchronised performance


Loewe Art

The new Loewe Art Ultra HD range boasts the world's fastest channel changing times. Making it quick and easy for you to flick through channels, to see what's on and find what you want to watch

Loewe Connect

Watch one channel while following a second in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third on the integrated hard disk recorder - the new Loewe Connect range takes viewing to a whole new level with this unique feature. All with impressive crystal-clear image quality, thanks to an Ultra HD display. Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.




The sound revolution is here



For 40 years sound engineers have had a dream:a “point source of sound”

Traditional speakers, due to their construction, have always had a key disadvantage: the sound they emit is more or less restricted to a single direction - similar to the cone of light from a torch. This means that a perfect sound experience is possible only at the spot where the sound corridors of all speakers converge. With a point source of sound, sound is distributed spherically and evenly in all directions - to date, no manufacturer has managed to achieve this omnidirectional sound propagation. 

With the Loewe 3D Orchestra, Loewe is unveiling a genuine world first. The heart of the innovation is the unique internal design of the active wireless speakers with high-quality Class D power amps


A selection of insets allows you to easily coordinate the appearance of the Loewe 3D Orchestra speakers to your living room and TV set. In addition to wood finishes and aluminium, you can choose from more than 200 RAL colours

 Loewe Individual Sound Projector

From the moment you set eyes on it, and hear the first notes, it typifies what sets Loewe Audiodesign apart. One single narrow housing - just 9cm deep - contains 42 speakers which, together, create genuine 7.1 surround sound


Slim Speaker ID

Veritably room-filling: Loewe Audiodesign speakersbring your home cinema system to life like never before. Treat your Loewe TV to the audio that becomes it so perfectly. For a unique audio-visual experience


Loewe AirSpeaker

Designed ostensibly to blend into, rather than stand out from, its surroundings, the AirSpeaker can still be made that bit more eye-catching with the interchangeable insets on the top

choose your favourite colour and materials