Lights control

Interactive Visual & Sound

Temperature & Humidity


Lights Control

Different lights mode for evening / morning hours depending on the fragility of the artwork


Interactive Visual & Sound

Use twisted-pair and fiber optic cable to create a super-high- bandwidth IP network to carry high-definition video and audio signals in their native formats without compression

no matter what the future brings, in terms of video and audio technology, DM will handle it

Story Teller™

STORY TELLER™ solution is a suitable solution for museums, exhibition centers, children's play spots, corporate lobbies, elderly homes or other locations where clean and crisp directional audio facilitates audio content delivery to desired location.

Benefits and Values:

  • Enables multiple audio content delivery within a limited space

  • Clear and crisp directional audio replaces headsets in places like museums, etc.

  • Non-intrusive outside the desired area

STORY TELLER™ solution is the best directional audio solution for speech contents. Panphonics technology enables listeners to clearly hear and understand audio contents, even if another audio content is delivered right next to the listener.