At Residential

In the home, a modern KNX installation increases the quality of life by allowing everyday building functions to be controlled easily, more comfortably as well as more safely and cost-effectively with KNX

Entrance area – Greater safety and security with central functions 

It gives you a good feeling when you can see at a glance on leaving a building that everything is OK. A touch panel in the entrance hall provides an overview of the building status and allows central functions such as the “presence simulation” or “central off”. Selected loads such as the lighting or appliances connected to socket-outlets can be integrated in functions of this kind. When the householders are absent, sensors detect storms or excessive sunlight and automatically activate awnings and blinds in the relevant areas as a protective measure.

Living room – Individual living comfort 

Whether you plan to spend your evening playing games, watching TV or reading, or to have a cosy get-together with friends – every situation can be enhanced with an individual KNX scene. At the push of a single button, all required functions are activated at the same time: blinds are lowered, mood lighting is switched on and the room is heated or air-conditioned to just the right temperature. At the end of the evening, all functions can be switched off at the push of a button, thus putting the entire home into energysaving night mode.

Bedroom – Ideal conditions for good sleep 

You just sleep better with KNX. The timecontrolled night reduction provides a healthy climate, and the panic button next to the bed lets you sleep calmly. It will illuminate the house and garden immediately if you hit it when hearing unusual noises. And if you want to read in bed in the evening, just press a push-button to activate the right lighting and let down the blinds.


At Office buildings

During everyday office activities, KNX solutions facilitate work and save energy – fully automatically. Adapting the lighting, heating and air conditioning to particular situations means that optimum working conditions can be achieved at any time. Unnecessary energy consumption is prevented by ensuring that loads are switched off automatically

Reception – Certainly the perfect reception

On receipt fall throughout the day at different tasks. Arriving guests are received at the TwinBus door station can be integrated into the KNX control. In the evening, a touch panel convenient overview, where more windows are open. The practical central-off function provides for Feierabend sure all mounted loads are switched off.


Individual office – Perfect surroundings for high efficiency

You need the right surroundings to be able to concentrate on what is important. Having the right temperature, ventilation and lighting for your workplace increases your sense of comfort and your working efficiency. Did you forget to deactivate the light or the heating/air conditioning when leaving the room? No problem, because the movement and brightness-dependent control deactivates all loads and saves energy costs. 


Open-plan office – Flexible lighting control

It is a normal situation in open-plan offices that employees do not leave their workplaces at the same time in the evening, but in dribs and drabs. Presence detectors over the desk clusters detect when areas are no longer being used, and then automatically deactivate the lighting. Constant lighting control ensures an ideal lighting situation from morning to evening.


Conference room – Presentation mode at the push of a button 

Presentation mode at the push of a button With KNX, it is amazingly easy to prepare a presentation. At the push of a button, the lighting is dimmed in the entire conference room, the blinds and the presentation screen are lowered, the sound system and the beamer are activated, and the heating or air conditioning are set to the required temperature. And if the meeting turns out to be a long one, CO2 sensors automatically activate the ventilation system.