Any audio signal which can be heard in undesired location is noise. Companies around the world are recognizing the need for highly-targeted audio solutions.

Smart technology enables new and more productive ways to solve many traditional audio application problems that cannot be solved with conventional technologies. The technology is uniquely suited for difficult acoustical usage situations

Attention Booster™

ATTENTION BOOSTER™ solution effectively attracts the attention of a customer. Directional audio penetrates directly into the emotional area of your brain and subconsciously captures your attention; naturally forcing customers to focus on directional audio information, not on ambient audio noise in the the same space.

Benefits & Values:

  • Sales increase up to 300% in campaigns

  • Long-term sales increase up to 20%

  • Customer attention increase up to 10 times

  • Superior directionality protects employees from noise

Mood Maker™

MOOD MAKER™ solution creates an environment which is associated with a certain image within the mind of a customer. directional audio precisely targets on a diresired area in Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Parking lots, or in Corporate lobbies.

Benefits and Values:

  • Enables positive state-of-mind and contributes to pleasent shopping experience

  • Increases sales by effectively influencing customers at the point of purchase

  • Audio information is specifically targeted to desired place, not bothering customers at other points nor employees

Imagine walking through a supermarket and when you are close by the fresh fish counter, you will hear the sounds of the sea; waves hitting the shore, seagulls singing and alike. Your brain is immediately influenced on an emotional level and your auditory sensors are connected with the visual information in front of you. Would you consider preparing fish for a dinner?

The MOOD MAKER™ solution brings customers into a positive state-of-mind at the location where they are likely to make their purchase decisions.

Music Maker™

MUSIC MAKER™ solution will change the way customers enjoy music in restaurants, bars, and in fast-food restaurants. MUSIC MAKER™ is an audio-sharing solution, enabling customers to create their own music zone.

Benefits and Values:

  • A revolutionary way to enjoy music, increasing customer satisfaction

  • Providing businesses with a competitive edge

  • A whole new sound solution in shops selling CD / DVD / VIDEO GAMES

MUSIC MAKER™ solution provides a revolutionay way for SmartPhone owners to share their music in restaurants, bars, or fasfood restaurants. They can now share their own music with friends, simply by connecting an the smartphone to the speakers, without disturbing other customers. Customers at CD / DVD / VIDEO GAME shops can enjoy sound without using headsets, still comfortably enjoying high-quality audio in open-space.

Story Teller™

STORY TELLER™ solution is a suitable solution for museums, exhibition centers, children's play spots, corporate lobbies, elderly homes or other locations where clean and crisp directional audio facilitates audio content delivery to desired location.

Benefits and Values:

  • Enables multiple audio content delivery within a limited space

  • Clear and crisp directional audio replaces headsets in places like museums, etc.

  • Non-intrusive outside the desired area

STORY TELLER™ solution is the best directional audio solution for speech contents. Panphonics technology enables listeners to clearly hear and understand audio contents, even if another audio content is delivered right next to the listener.

Privacy Solution™

PRIVACY SOLUTION™ uses the directivity audio technology to create private audio zone in open-space area. For example, banks, medical service desks, or any other place where sensitive conversations take place.  By directing entertaining audio to customers in waiting area or in queues, their attention will be focused on the entertaining audio, not on the conversation at the service desk.

Benefits & Values:

  • Directional audio speakers precisely deliver entertaining audio only to where it is desired, leaving other areas silent

  • It is the best way to eliminate customers from eavesdropping on others' sensitive conversations in banks, medical service desks, social security service desks, corporate lobbies and other similar locations

PRIVACY SOLUTION™ goes beyond merely providing privacy with directional audio. Smart audio technological advantage enables employees on site to fully concentrate on their tasks, not bothered by maintaining and controling the system all the time.

Virtual Assistant™

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT™ is a tailored service solution to provide remote, centralized, and automated services without an on-site personnel. Common cases are info kiosks, info totem poles, self check-out counters, or tasters in places such as retail shops, train stations, airports, or other noisy public spaces.

Benefits and Value:

  • Clear and crisp audio from Panphonics directional speakers allows smooth communication even in very noisy environments

  • High directivity enables precise controlling of hearing range, providing users with privacy

  • Allows service providers to expand their business to locations where personnel placement would otherwise be too difficult or expensive

Conventional devices virtually-assisting customers had an issue of low quality audio. With a high volume of ambient noise in places where virtual assistance are often in use, users had often difficulty hearing the audio clearly, resulting in low customer satisfaction. With Panphonics directional audio technology a user can clearly hear the audio even in a very noisy environment. This enables quicker service, thus increasing user satisfaction while cutting costs for the service providers.